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Our Team

The PropertyWorx team consists of highly-skilled managers, administrators, accountants and maintenance technicians, all working together to ensure quality care and service for each community we manage. 

Property Managers
Russell Antonacci - Principal and Lead Property Manager
Lori Finke - Assistant Property Manager
Kevin Mercure - Field Manager

Property Administrators
Terry Simpson - Property Administrator
Vicki Aiken - Property Administrator

Doreen Quell - Controller

David Wright - Accountant

Gina Farra - Director of Operations


Scott Thompson - Principal and Lead Maintenance Technician

Joe Castricone - Field Superintendent

Ethor Maestri - Maintenance Technician
Jeff Paddock - Maintenance Technician
Lance Valentino - Maintenance Technician
Mike Bullard - Maintenance Technician
Patrick Collins - Maintenance Technician
Spencer Redente - Maintenance Technician

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